Tom Arnold Reveals How He Lost 75 Lbs After Suffering Mini Stroke

(“You meet a lot of people in the fitness business at Arnold’s.”) After his stroke forced him to cancel an introductory Zoom, Arnold gave the idea of D’Angelo’s coaching new consideration. The coach’s personal story and books, Think and Grow Thinand Inner Guru, resonated. Arnold, who grew up in Iowa, liked that he was a midwestern guy and had practiced before he ketamine cardiac arrest preached—D’Angelo lost 160 pounds in two years, going from 360 pounds to the taut physique of an NFL tight end. His latest health scare was regarding major organ failure, which resulted in him being on life support with 5% heart function. The actor shared details about his time recovering, crediting his doctors, God, and his children for his current state.

  1. Arnold, who grew up in Iowa, liked that he was a midwestern guy and had practiced before he preached—D’Angelo lost 160 pounds in two years, going from 360 pounds to the taut physique of an NFL tight end.
  2. “On top of all this, I had massive organ failure two years ago. My doctor changed my medication, but I knew I needed to make bigger changes because I really dropped the ball on self-care.”
  3. We believe that every person’s story is important as it provides our community with an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, share their hopes and dreams.
  4. The “Roseanne” star and Ashley Groussman finalized their divorce in 2020.

Arnold, whose new Tubi show “Underdeveloped” premieres Sept. 8, has made health his primary focus after experiencing a stroke a year and a half ago. Tom Arnold shared the details of his stroke and explained how that inspired him to get in shape. “We all know what we need to be doing, but getting yourself to do it can be a different story,” the True Lies actor says. In Arnold’s case, he was motivated to lose weight to reduce his odds of dying young — he wants to be there for his kids.

When D’Angelo encouraged him to feel healthier and happier for himself, it reminded Arnold of the attitude he needed to succeed in his sobriety. “You’ve got to be a bit of an asshole and say, ‘I’m not doing this for anyone—I’m doing this for me. The comedian had a stroke but kept his sense of humor with the help of his life coach, Charles D’Angelo. Arnold continued, “But mostly it’s every day with my kids. Every day you wake up, and to also think, this is not unlimited. Like, I am 64, my kids are very young. So, each day, you got to try to make that your best day with those kids. It’s money in the bank — the memories,  the stuff we do together. And I’m very lucky. I’m lucky to be a father. I’m very lucky to be alive.” Jokes aside, Arnold said at the top of the list are his kids, who he shares with ex-wife, Ashley Groussman, adding that he’s lucky to be a father. Beyond his weight loss, Arnold also celebrated five years of sobriety on Friday, taking to Instagram to reflect on the milestone.

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He has appeared in several films, including True Lies (1994), Nine Months (1995), Big Bully, Carpool, The Stupids (all 1996), McHale’s Navy (1997), Animal Factory (2000), Cradle 2 the Grave (2003), Mr. 3000 (2004), Happy Endings (2005), Pride (2007), The Great Buck Howard (2008), and Madea’s Witness Protection (2011). He was also the host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period for four years, and appeared on Sons of Anarchy. “I was giving the kids a bath and turned around to count to 10 — it’s what I do to get my kids out of the bathtub — when suddenly my vision in my right eye went black, as if there was a curtain coming down,” the Roseanne alum explained. Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. “Some days I would graze all day, on days I would have to film I might eat 6000 calories at 9 p.m. after a long day of eating nothing … the problem was there wasn’t any structure,” Arnold says.

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My kids are very active, and I could tell I was putting myself in a position to not be a good father,” he said. Excavating those deep-rooted issues meant D’Angelo and Arnold’s coaching sessions often resembled intensive talk therapy. ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke to Arnold at the FUBAR premiere, where he shared how he’s changed his lifestyle since suffering a mini-stroke last year. We believe that every person’s story is important as it provides our community with an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, share their hopes and dreams.

D’Angelo recently began working basic free-weight exercises into Arnold’s routine—every change gradual, incremental. The Roseanne alum also credits his sobriety for his good health, celebrating five years of sobriety in July. Arnold said they did an extensive check-up, where they revealed that on the ten levels of stroke, his registered at just a one. All in all, Arnold said he felt very blessed to have it turn out as it did. The former couple’s children were both conceived through IVF, with their first being born after 22 rounds of the treatment.

The comedian has been working with D’Angelo virtually over Zoom in order to lose weight. “Unless I’m more patient than I ever thought I could be, or whatever, it’s very helpful to not assume, well, I’m going to live for 30 years,” he continues. “Because it’s very helpful to go, okay, today’s the day. Today’s the day that is going to be the best day. Because if somebody has to think back on this day with these kids, I want them to know I was here, we were together, and I was 100%.”

Working with a coach made a difference

“There are great places for kids who have problems, but pace yourself with those. It’s hard to recover—you’re feeling all these things, and then you’re sent away. If a kid goes to rehab, everyone should be involved and [the rehab facility] should welcome family, too. When an addict hears their family is coming to visit, it’s comforting.” Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the FUBAR premiere on Monday in Los Angeles, the actor shared how his perspective changed after suffering a mini-stroke in 2022. “People always think that the [Screen] Actors Guild, they must be rolling, well a lot of times you do these things for the people that are not rolling. Also, as an actor, you assume that you will not be rolling one day,” Arnold continued.

Arnold also shared that while the action star hasn’t changed much and is still “a maniac and will get on his frickin’ bicycle and ride into traffic,” his softer side has emerged with age. Earlier this year, in an interview with Men’s Health, he revealed he had gone from 285 pounds down to 205. According to Arnold, on the UCLA stroke protocol 1 to 10 scale, his was luckily only at a 1. Tom Arnold is well-known for being a funny guy, but there’s one thing he’s taking more seriously these days.

Arnold had his first romantic leading man part in the 2005 movie Happy Endings. Breaking down the scary incident, Arnold shared that it all went down when he was giving his kids a bath. “Oh, I changed it big. I got kids — my kids Jack and Quinn are here. They’re 10 and 7. And I realized, I better get in shape. I better do it. You know, Arnold’s [Schwarzenegger] had some. He’s a survivor too,” Arnold shared. The doting father currently pays his ex-wife spousal support so she can take care of the children. He also has to pay her child support until the children turn eighteen, which doesn’t seem to be an issue for the loving father. “I write and produce and I enjoy a variety of stuff. I enjoy coming to Sarasota and telling my story. It’s all part of the balance. I have four ex-wives, so I have to work forever.”

When she’s not writing, look for her out walking her dog or riding her bike in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. “My dad loved Bob Hope, so I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. The only time Dad laughed out loud was when he watched Hope on TV. I remember thinking, ‘Whatever Hope does is what I want to do.’ Years later, in the same living room, he watched Hope on TV with me, and that was magic for me. “There’s security when kids know their parents are on it. My mom let me do anything. But kids like to know you’re on top of things and that they can share with you. Don’t overreact to your kids sharing something that seems crazy with you—they need to be able to trust you without you being a maniac and threatening them or their friends.

Groussman and Arnold announced that they were working with a co-parenting therapist to help with their custody arrangement. The comedian also revealed that he was grateful for his ex-wife, who gave him the opportunity to be a dad. Arnold also credits his own five-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son for his most recent recovery. He poses with his children in his Facebook and Twitter posts detailing his health update, showing that they are always by his side.

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